Quaternary Landscape Evolution

Posters from presentations:

Fitzwater, B.A., Whittecar, G.R. Dobbs, K.M., Swezey, C.S., Garrity, C.P., and Mahan, S.A.  “Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) data from Quaternary sands in the Carolina Sandhills, Chesterfield Country, South Carolina.”  Geological Society of America annual meeting, Vancouver, B.C., October 13, 2014.

Bradley, R., Whittecar, G.R., and Eaton, L.S. 2012. “Progressive weathering of greenstone clasts in dated Quaternary debris flows, Madison County, Virginia.”  Geological Society of America Annual meeting, Charlotte, N.C. November 4, 2012


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Swezey, C.S., Fitzwater, B.A., and Whittecar, G.R., 2016, Geology and geomorphology of the Carolina Sandhills, Chesterfield County, South Carolina, in: Gold, Structures, and Landforms in Central South Carolina – Field Guides for the GSA Southeastern Section Meeting, Columbia, South Carolina, 2016 (W.R. Doar III, ed.): Geological Society of America Field Guide 42, p. 9-36.  swezeyfitzwaterwhittecarftguide2016

Contributing author/field trip leader  :  Pazzaglia. F., Carter, M., Berti, C.,  Counts, R., Hancock, G., Harbor, D., Harrison, R. Heller, M., Mahan, S., Malenda, H., McKeon, R., Nelson, M., Prince, P., Rittenhour, T., Spotila, J., and Whittecar, G.R. 2015.  Geomorphology, Active Tectonics, and Landscape Evolution in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Field Trip Guide for Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Baltimore MD, October 29-30, 2015.  GSA Field Guides, 40, p. 109-169, doi:10.1130/2015.0040(06)

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James, A., Rathburn, S. and Whittecar, G.R. (2009). Introduction : Managing Rivers with Broad Historical Changes and Human Impacts. In: James, A., Rathburn, S. and Whittecar, G.R. (editors). Management and Restoration of Fluvial Systems with Broad Historical Changes and Human Impacts. Geological Society of America Special Volume 451, Boulder CO, p. v-x.

Daniels, W.L., Wick, A., Haus, N., Whittecar, G.R., and Carter, III C. 2009. Criteria for beneficial utilization of dredge sediments in Virginia, USA. In: 3rd AMIREG International Conference: Assessing the Footprint of Resource Utilization and Hazardous Waste Management, Athens, Greece.

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