VA Mastodon and Mammoth pics

Mastodon and mammoth remains recovered by Dr. Charles Bartlett and associates from the Ratcliff Site, Russell County, Virginia

See article by Whittecar, Wynn and Bartlett, 2007, Quaternary Research 68:133-140

BartlettPic8Well preserved mastodon tooth

BartlettPic4View towards the south of the north slope of Clinch Mountain, the crest of which marks the division line between Washington (southward) and Russell Counties. The recovery site was in a deep trench just beyond the large tree on the right. The grassy field behind that tree is underlain by a massive debris flow that originated in the valley to the left of this picture and filled in the mouth of the valley with the trench. A series of extremely large torrential rain storms that passed across this mountain in the past 40,000+ years built this debris fan which clogged the small valley and created ponds and wetlands that preserved the mastodon and mammoth bones

BartlettPic5Four of the Mastodon teeth recovered from the Ratcliff site.

BartlettPic3In-situ large fragment of a pelvis from a Mammoth excavated at about 9 m (29 feet) deep in the excavated trench.

BartlettPic6The end fragment of a Mastodon or Mammoth tusk partially coated with bright blue Vivianite , a aluminum phosphate mineral coating deposited later.

BartlettPic9 Dr. Bartlett shown at a public press conference held at the site and holding the tusk fragment.

BartlettPic1View of the 29 foot-deep trench dug with a very large backhoe in preparation for constructing a dam for a trout pond on this land where the extinct animal bones were recovered. Four radio-carbon dates were obtained from wood extracted in the lower five feet of the trench and ranged from 29,100 +/- 300 B.P. years to 32,400 +/- 480 B.P. years


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