Wetland Lab

The OEAS Wetland Lab is equipped to complete a hydrogeological study of wetlands and shallow aquifers.  For most of our studies we evaluate the stratigraphy of the site with test borings, and we construct piezometers and monitoring wells, survey the elevation of their tops, and monitor water levels in them over time.  We usually estimate the permeability of the strata with slug/bail tests, or where desired, bench-top permeameters.

Typical projects may use these items:

Laser-level survey system

Solinst Levelogger and barologgers transducers

Water level meters/probes

PulseEcho Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system

GIS analyses done in cooperation with the staff at ODU’s GEOIDES Geospatial Collaboratorium.

Deep boreholes and wells constructed with assistance from collaborators at Virginia Tech and at Virginia Division of Mineral Resources.

Analyses of sediment texture and mineralogy done in cooperation with the OEAS Sedimentology Lab

Water quality analyses services are available on the ODU campus


Installing Solinst Levelogger transducer as a pond gage.

Laser LevelHCkWP



Running GPR transect across valley bottom
















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